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2017 results

Virtus.pro are 3 times champions of ESL One Major tournaments

4 years ago

Virtus.pro – 2 times and defending champions of ESL One Majors, already have guaranteed their -The International 8- invite being top 1 of DPC leaderboards with 10350 points now. Their captain and position 5 player Solo and position 4 player RoDJer are MVPs of previous ESL One majors and won a special prize of tournament Mercedes-Benz. ESL One send them a comic invite where they asked VP to pretend that the tournament was hard for them.

OpTic Gaming – NA team with such an interesting roster: three ultimately experienced players PPD, zai, Pajkatt and two young men, 33 who actually have played at TI 7  and CC&C who is playing his first season on really high level. Their run through the group stage and the brackets were nothing short of impressive. The North American team has made significant strides through the course of the Pro Circuit Dota 2 2017-2018 season and were aiming for a second DPC championship title along with the highly coveted TI8 invite that would accompany such a feat.

However grandfinals were one-sided Virtus.pro smashed their opponents with common score 3:0. Only the second map of bo-5 series was intriguing. A masterful draft and new game plan for OpTic gave them a great laning phase and early game. Their team movements were fantastic and they were prioritizing objectives to continue to build their advantage. Looking infinitely better, the game could have gone in their favor as many expected, however, a well calculate and controlled high ground seize about 32 minutes in by Virtus.pro would even things out again and after another almost 30 minutes of back and forth swings and turns, filled with tension, VP closed things out at 59 minutes with a 15k gold lead.


1 place —   Virtus.pro — $500 000 and 750 Dota Pro Circuit points for each player;

2 place —   OpTic Gaming — $200 000 and 450 Dota Pro Circuit points for each player;

3 place —   paiN Gaming — $100 000 and 225 Pro Circuit points for each player;

4 place —   Fnatic — $60 000 and 75 очков Dota Pro Circuit points for each player;

5-6 place —   Mineski,   OG —$34 000;

7-9 place —   Team Spirit,   Team Liquid,   LGD.Forever Young — $16 000;

10-12 place —   Evil Geniuses,   Vici Gaming,   Newbee —  $8 000.


Team statistics:

Biggest hero pool: 38 heroes picked by Fnatic;

Smallest hero pool: 19 heroes picked by Team Spirit;

Longest match: Virtus.pro vs OpTic Gaming — 59:07;

Shortest match: Virtus.pro vs OpTic Gaming — 19:16.


Player statistics:

Best average KDA: 11,05  No[o]ne;

Average kill per game: 11,00  RAMZES666;

Average deaths per game: 1,90 у 9pasha;

Average assists oer game: 18,50 у RodjER;

Average creeps killed per game: 404 у Fear;

Average creeps denied per game: 24,50 у Miracle-;

Best average GPM: 641 gold per minute -  RAMZES666;

Best average XPM: 631 exp per minute - Sccc.


Hero statistics:

Heroes picked: 80;

Most picked heroes and win ratio: 22 times were picked  Sand King (54.55%) and Dragon Knight (54.55%);

Most successful heroes (5 more games):  Visage 80,00% (5 games) and  Nature's Prophet (6 games). Leschrac 70% in 20 games;

Least successful hero (5 more games): 20% Medusa (5 games).

Night Stalker and Io were picked or banned in every match of the tournament

4 years ago